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Dec 4, 2017

Kirsten Cooner

Kirsten Cooner is an artist who as a kid dabbled in creative mediums, although she never considered herself a true creative. While studying graphic design, she stumbled upon studio art classes that seemed relatively interesting at first, but after taking a few, she fell in love. Mixing her studio art experience with her appreciation and study of art history, Kirsten found herself investing her fringe hours to researching old artist journals and paint-making.

A four-month trip to California afforded her the opportunity to turn her interest into a full-on business. Hushwing made its official debut earlier this year, and its products have been selling rapidly ever since. Kirsten’s watercolors are rich and vibrant and are sure to add a unique quality to any painting. In this episode, she discusses the process of testing to achieve her watercolors, her marketing strategy, and her attempt to manage her personal artwork with her booming business.

Kirsten Cooner

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