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Dec 11, 2017


Bullet journaling has become my new obsession, and continuing my quest to inspire others to start their own journals, this week I welcomed Sanae (IG @cursedjournal) as guest to share her methods, tools, and inspirations for her bullet journals.

Sanae has always enjoyed writing and journaling and stumbled upon bullet journaling to organize her life and thoughts. Being the true creative that she is, what initially started off as a series of lists, blossomed into pages of artistry in the form of a bullet journal.

Sanae views her journal as more than art and attributes it with assisting her with self-discovery, inspiration, organization, and creativity. See folks, there’s more to this than just making lists. Sanae shares all this and more in today’s episode, along with suggestions for supplies, just in case you want to add a few things to your Christmas list.


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