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Dec 18, 2017

Amelia Damplo

As we take a quick holiday break during the second season of the Studio 78 Podcast, I thought it would nice to explore an often overlooked but super important creative medium, videography. In today’s digital world, we rely heavily on photos as well as videos to connect and share the stories of our lives, and my guest today, Amelia Diaplo, is known for assisting her clients with doing just that.

Amelia is a L.A. based videographer who is drawn to illuminating the passion and processes of creatives and makers through videos. I was drawn to the authenticity and quality of Amelia’s videos, and she explains her process in today’s episode. She also provides advice on how to choose a videographer and some tools you may consider using if you or someone in your life is considering turning your hobby into a full-time gig.

Amelia Damplo

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