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Mar 12, 2018

Denyelle Duckett

Photo: Jackie Armstrong Photography

As I mentioned during Danny's episode, I had an amazing time during a photoshoot with DFinney Photography a few months ago and was very pleased with the photos I received. This week’s guest is responsible for my complete transformation in the photos. Denyelle Duckett is talented makeup artist who creates signature looks for DFinney Photography.

Denyelle discovered her love for makeup after learning techniques from magazines and books. After giving herself a makeover she received compliments and requests for her services which led to her first wedding. Although flattered by the requests, she slow-walked into entrepreneurship by taking a job at a local retail makeup counter.

After a few years of working retail, Denyelle says she received a prompt from God to pursue her talent full-time. She launched her business in January 2013 and has not looked back since. Her career has skyrocketed, even earning her a nomination for a film she worked on. She talks about how she learned her business practices and how she’s managed to stay organized and focused while maintaining her booming business.

Denyelle Duckett

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