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Nov 27, 2017


Being the total foodie that I am, I sought out this guest because I was drawn to the amazing food photography on her Instagram feed. The photos all lead to WinniE’s Bakery, based in Colombia, Maryland, where creator and chef, Elise Smith, provides patrons with treats steeped in familial tradition with a unique flare that only she can provide.

Elise’s love for baking was shaped as a child by watching and helping her grandmother in the kitchen. That love soon turned into passion after an innocent batch of expresso brownies, intended as a pick-me-up for a college final, ignited a fire in Elise that quite frankly isn’t turning down anytime soon. Elise shares how she started her business, how to engage in creative collaborative projects, and how to approach almost anyone as an introvert, plus a host of other fun tidbits.


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